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My bikes... Part 5
« on: June 25, 2016, 05:05:44 PM »
So where was I...? It's amazing where a year goes!

Back in time to 2005 and I'd had a hankering for a Kawasaki ZX10R, which was the same model as the 2004 version and now well renowned as a bit of a hooligan; later models became heavier and with plusher suspension, at least until the current crop of missiles! Anyway, I took one for a test ride from Seastar Superbikes and needless to say came back grinning like a demented clown. The thing was bonkers but, for me at the time, perhaps a little too bonkers. I would have to wait until 2012 to actually get around to buying one, but that's for another episode...

So, in the meantime I went for 'Plan B', which was a much more 'civilised' Suzuki GSXR1000K1! Another bike which was a bit of a missile but this one was 2nd hand and had been well set up for the road by its previous owner. Standard suspension but well set up, it also had an Akrapovic end can & Power Commander, along with a snazzy under-tray and rear LED lights. It's crowning glory for me though was the Rizla paint job. It had been done by 'Dream Machine' and was a replica of Yukio Kagayama's BSB race bike.

It looked pretty awesome (better in the flesh) and is the only race-rep I've owned where complete strangers would approach me to compliment it.

It rode very well as you might expect with masses of power right through the rev range but lots of bottom & mid range power even at lower revs; it'd just pick up and go which wasn't really the norm for race reps! Brakes were good, handling was great without being too hard and the riding position was comfy enough for the 150 mile tank range. Suzuki really got it right with this one, which is borne out by the fact that I kept the bike for 5 years; unusual for me and sports bikes!

I sold it in 2010 and was bike-less for about 8 or 9 months before I bought another Suzuki. Here are a couple of pics of the GSXR...

On to 2011 and I bought another bike I'd always 'fancied', a Suzuki GSF1200, otherwise known as the Bandit. Fitted with the old oil/air cooled engine which harked back to the GSXR1100, these bikes were the original modern factory 'Street Fighters' which when launched were pretty cheap, powerful and very popular.

They are heavy old beasts but I have to say I loved it. Bags of low down power, it handled better than it had any right to and was comfy to boot. Mine was black and very standard when I bought it, so I set about making a few changes. I fitted the following:
Pipe Werx carbon end can
Rear under-tray with integral indicators
Rear hugger
'Tear-drop' mirrors
Renthal bars

The bike now looked as mean as its name meant it to and it sound bloody lovely, with some nice 'popping' on the overrun. I had intended keeping the Bandit for quite some time but whilst I had it I bought a couple of others (which I'll come onto in part 6) so it had to go in 2012. There are just a few bikes I'd have another of and the Bandit is definitely one of them. A real all rounder, it could play the hooligan if you wanted it to, or be a commuter/tourer equally as well. Awesome.

Part 6 coming soon, which will feature the last of my 'race-rep' bikes....

Ride safe
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