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My bikes... Part 6
« on: June 25, 2016, 06:34:19 PM »
Well, it's peeing down and I've nowt much else to do so I may as well crack on with the next riveting instalment...

2012 saw some huge changes in my life and, on the bike front, I was a bit impulsive. I still had the Bandit when got into reading a magazine called Practical Sportsbikes and I started to fancy having a 1980's or 1990's sports 600. The idea was to buy one at a reasonable price and tidy it up if needed, but also get it fit for some track days.

Well, best laid plans and all that... I ended up with a 1992 FZR1000RU EXUP! It was an imported bike and had already been 'fettled' by the previous owner, especially in the servicing & parts department. It was very clean and in the best FZR colours of White/Red/Blue, although the plastics & paint were on the agenda for a full overhaul & re-spray.

To this day I've no idea why I bought this bike as I really did want a 600, but I went to test ride it in Loddon and it rode well and was a fair price, so that was that! Riding wise, it was a real blast from the past. It was very quick but had the unmistakable 80's/90's feel of a chunky bike. The brakes were ok and suspension wasn't bad but the riding position was awful. The pegs were way too high for me and the seat & bars too low, with that 90's reach forward over the big tank. Add to that the fact that in slow speed corners it felt like it was 'dropping' in and it didn't inspire much confidence. I'm afraid to say it spent most of the few months I had it tucked up in the garage.

Still, I suppose at least I can say I tried one and there's a couple of pics below. I never did get that 600 though....

At the same time as having the FZR and the Bandit, my next bike 'happened'...

I'd been chatting with a mate at work who was doing his test. He was on about buying a 600, something like a Yamaha R6 or ZX6r, so I tried to advise him to get something a little less manic and less expensive on insurance first. That said, whilst I was sat bored at home that evening I decided to check out Biketrader to see what was about, for him. After browsing the 600's, for some random reason I changed the cc size to 1000. Oops.

One of the first bikes I saw was a 2005 Kawasaki ZX10R. It was stunning (to me) and one of those "I've got to have that" moments. I phoned the shop first thing next morning and subsequently drove 170 miles to go see it the same day. I got there 10 minutes before closing, sat on it, started it up and put the deposit down. I didn't even test ride it.

A week later and I went back with a van to pick it up. It was a 2 owner bike but the 2nd owner had apparently been a 'elderly' man who owned it for less than 3 weeks before trading it back in. For the 1st owner, it had evidently been his baby.

It had been treated to a Black & Green race-rep paint job, full Mivv exhaust system & ECU re-map, posh steering damper, digital gear change indicator, Pazzo levers and braided hoses. It was set up to perfection. Whilst the new demo ZX10R I'd ridden in 2005 had been harsh, this one was firm but more forgiving. It was an absolute missile of course, but it felt controllable, like the bike would do all you asked.

It is without doubt the fastest accelerating & cornering bike I've ridden to date, which was unfortunately also it's downfall for me. It was so good, so FAST that it didn't make much sense on the road. At anything below 3-figure speeds in most places, it just felt like it wasn't even trying. Not uncomfortable, just out of its element which really is a race track.

I must say that I absolutely loved the bike and I'm chuffed I've owned one. As an adrenaline rush there is little to beat it; that noise from the Mivv exhaust and the blistering acceleration was just awesome. That said, Sarah really didn't feel comfortable on the back and, had I kept it, I think my licence would have been at serious risk which I really can do without.

I'd already sold the Bandit & FZR by this time and decided to have a complete change from sportsbikes which is where Triumph comes in, as in September 2013 I traded the ZX10 in for a Scrambler. I'll cover that bike (which some of you will have seen at GOB in 2015) so in the meantime here are the pics of my ZX10R...

Ride safe
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