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Ironhead Harley Sportster project
« on: May 25, 2010, 10:27:46 PM »
Some Harley parts have come up for sale on the Rods n Sods forum, which might be useful to someone here?


"Ironhead Harley Sportster project
I'm just 'dry-building' all my Sportster parts to see how much of a bike I have and it looks like there is nearly enough to build your own Sporty.

Engine/gearbox unit: '85 Ironhead Sportster 1100cc 4-speed chain drive unit. Complete including carb, starter, etc., but untested (assume it needs rebuild, but haven't checked inside). One of the last Ironheads, the bottom end is basically Evo Sporty I think, hence bolting straight into the frame.

Frame: '88/'89 stock Evo frame. Needs blasting and repainting. No H-D number. Stock swingarm and rear shocks. Oil tank and battery tray (scruffy tank on the mock-up, but I have a nicer one as well). 39mm single disc front forks - the tubes seem to be 4" or more over-stock.

I have various tanks (stock '80s small tank, one with an aircraft filler), a stock 90's solo seat and pillion pad, and I think an aftermarket one, front and rear fenders. There is also a set from a mid-'90s bike (larger tank, front and rear fenders) all in dark green metallic that could be used as-is, although the rubber tank mounts aren't there.

Wheels are stock 19" front and 16" rear Sportster mags, with tyres.

I have still to sort out risers, handlebars, hand controls, brake lines, discs, etc., but most or all of them should be there.

There is a tail light, but not sure about headlight. Should have a speedo, maybe a tach too.

Parts that I'm sure I don't have: coil, battery, ignition module, wiring loom, rear sprocket and chain. There might be others!

As I said, there is enough to get a more or less complete bike mocked-up, to then strip down and recondition or whatever. All parts are pre-enjoyed (er, used ).

There is no V5c so you'd have to go the Q-plate route, or build all the parts into a registered frame.

Not sure on cost - I reckon £1250 o.n.o. but could be flexible depending on things like what tank or fenders go with it.

I'll get photos up later: at this moment the engine is in the frame, and swingarm and forks are bolted on, so by the weekend it could be rolled into your van and into your garage!

Oh, it's a few miles west of Oxford., or text/call 07920 584324
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