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part one the BSA
« on: July 27, 2011, 01:29:44 AM »
long long ago in the mists of time, well 50ish years, i was a sweet 12 years old. A knock on the front door "yall right mate   i got a puncture, can i leave my combo in your garden ill pick it up in a couple of days". Well a year later the BSA side valve was still at the bottom of the garden, of course under strict instructions not to mess with it.
Im now 13, testosterone and other hormones rushing around.

Any way i had the sidecar off and with it the puncture. petrol out of the mower, four stroke. bit of luck that i knew about spark plugs so out and cleaned. right leg over, sit there working up to it, foot on kickstart, one big heave, nothing.... another try, up high, all my weight down, one almighty bang. me one way the bike the other. i sit on the floor holding my ankle, a couple of hours of messing with levers i discovered the advance retard and i was away, square tyres, sidecar gearing, no license, no anything and most certainly no brain and it was fantastic. i knew in that moment i wanted more, more wind ,more noise, more speed, more more more.