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My Enfield Ensign,150cc
« on: July 27, 2011, 03:23:47 PM »
I was riding home on a bus one day in Manor Park,London,I must have been about 17 at the time (1960) a local man who was a regular in my Dads Pub  got on and sat next to me hey lad your interested in bikes arnt u?  yes says I would u like a bike iv got in my shed I dont use it any more u can have it for the price of a drink or two,I went down that evening and collected the little Royal Enfield Ensign,150cc, and it ran perfectly most of the lads in the motorcycle club had a good laugh,most of them had the latest BSA c15s and Ariel Arrows,as the bike didnt cost me much I decided to play aroud with it a bit so i purchased a book about tuning engines  the engine was a 2 stroke so I removed the Cylinder head and took it to my local motorcycle shop in East Ham High Street (their name I have long forgoten) They had a lathe and skimmed a few thou of the base I then cleaned and polished the ports put a larger jet in the carb and reassembled the engine( I had no idea what i was doing!)  ??? Blimey it runs!. the club was due to meet up at Blackwall Tunnel the following sunday for a run to Brands Hatch for a race meeting and so we all set off down the A20 My little Enfield was going like it was on fire! and one by one I overtook all the other lads and arrived at brands ahead of the Group  :D they were all dumbstruck! and so was I!  a couple of days later one of the lads made me an offer for the Enfield I couldnt refuse and so I sold it, I wonder where it is now? Iv still got the owners Manual. :)