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part two 1964 mods
« on: August 14, 2011, 11:43:57 PM »
Im now 15 and just leaving school, having lost my license at 14 riding with no documents at all. Who's going to insure a boy of 14 ?Well' in the shed I've got an Ariel Arrow which I picked up for £15 needing A new head gasket and tidying. I did that and fitted a dummy fibre tank, hump~back seat and ace bars it looked good. At this time we 'the rockers' met in a cafe up a side street in the middle of town called 'guys and gals' ,there were about 20 of us aged between me at 15 to about 20.The bikes ranged from a bantam up to a T120 not 'bad boys' by todays standard but up for a laugh.Slicked back hair,ice blue jeans,winkle pickers topped of by a highwayman black leather jacket. Now it's all over the news 'mods and rockers riots' along the east coast .well you got to ain't you. So wanting my license back at 16 i got on the back of a mates james captain, yeah, from the midlands to Great Yarmouth....on a James Captain. Well, it took bloody hours, and it rains a lot on the east coast. The riots of 1964 consisted of us and them riding up and down glaring at each other, a couple of small fights on the beach,no one hurt, no one arrested, no cars set on fire, bobby's in helmets and shirt sleeves, a good time was had by all.