Author Topic: Grumpy Chill Out - September 2012 - PHOTOS etc  (Read 1289 times)

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Grumpy Chill Out - September 2012 - PHOTOS etc
« on: October 01, 2012, 10:42:05 AM »
Another great weekend, courtesy of all GOB's who attended and made it such a good "do"

I managed to keep my camera battery charged this time!!

This way, unless you have a sledgehammer, Malcolm!

hmm.... needs a touch more salt.

Tent's up, beers out, perfect!

Tent's not up yet..............

Missy gets a Grumpy waistcoat

If you say I look a sissy in this, I'll bite yer ankles!

Vicky & Tom attempt to hold the dog down after the waistcoat is finished, Great job!!

Excuse me, do you have any belt buckles?

Brilliant GOB buckle, exclusive design from Mike at BuckleMania

The Foolhardy Folk took a wrong turn for a gig, so they stayed and did it for the GOBS!

Lovely legs Jay!!

Fourplay gave a stomping session on Saturday night, if you could see them through the smoke.........

Highlight of the weekend was the sponsored "Wax Off"

First volunteer/victim was Y.I. Man, Geoff, who seemed to enjoy just that little bit too much!

Keith looks on in terror, knowing he's next in line!!

"Just lay on the table Mr Hardy, this won't hurt at all"

"I'll just put the wax on and gently peel off the strip.........."

"............HA HA!!"

Veronica enjoying a bit of punishment for Keith

"I'm not letting the Missus have a go!!"

"Hold him down ladies, I'm going to enjoy this!"

Mrs Biggles dropped in for tea and muffins

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Thought I was seeing dots before my eyes :)