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My Bikes... Part 3
« on: June 18, 2014, 02:30:12 PM »
I thought I may as well try writing the next part in my biking history, seeing as I'm currently crocked (again) with the prolapsed disc in my back... Diazepam has it's benefits, however I've no idea if it'll affect my spelling so bear with me!

Following on from my last entry, the GSXR1100L stayed with me until the end of 1995 or early 1996. It was sold to fund a first car after I passed my test and was posted to Newcastle as a driver with the army, whilst the Regiment was in Germany. I lasted less than a year before I was desperate for 2 wheels again, which lead me to peruse the small ads in 'UBG' (Used Bike Guide- whatever happened to them?) for something cheapish and a bit different.

I duly found a semi-customised Honda CB750 SOHC on an 'L' registration, the 1973 version! Anyway, I went to look at it somewhere near Hartlepool and haggled a price in the region of £1200, if I remember correctly.

The bike had been re-sprayed in a deep metallic purple colour, with the Honda motif of the tank painted a lighter shade as if it'd been painted first then the main colour done over the top. Whatever, I though it looked nice! It had a few other mods; I think the seat unit was from a CB900, it had a 'one off' speedo, the swingarm was off a Kawasaki with a monoshock conversion, and I'm pretty sure the wheels came from an old Suzuki GS or GSX... It had a braided hoses and a 4-1 pipe, and even still had the original kick start which worked!

I rode around on this quite a bit, mainly Newcastle and down to Scarborough, but I have to say it wasn't particularly reliable and when compared to my previous bike it felt like a bit of a slug in the power department. The rear brake seized up completely once when riding along the A1, and it was a little temperamental in the starting department; I used the kick start more than once!

Around this time I started reading BSH & Streetfighters magazines and got to thinking "What if... I put a GSXR engine in it?"  :o ;D

The work was a bit beyond me so I sought advice from a custom bike builder near Middleborough, who told me it could be done but that I'd better be considering uprating the chassis & brakes too! I sourced some funds and left the bike with them..... and left it, and left it...

Eventually I got the call I'd been waiting for and went along to view, ride and pick up my 'new' beast. Among the modifications were:

Billet Yokes
Billet Fork Brace
Suzuki RF900 brakes
Suzuki GSXR750L engine
'One off' stainless high level pipe
Frame work including rerouting the top frame and bracing at certain points.

When I saw the bike I was well chuffed, even more so when they fired it up and I heard the noise; it absolutely growled, and subsequently howled like a Banshee when ridden with 'enthusiasm'...
The guys did warn me that even with the mods there was likely way too much power for the old frame to cope with, so to be careful in the corners but by god it felt good. The chassis felt a lot more sure footed, brakes were better and it just felt 'tighter' all round. I rode away a happy bunny.

I kept the bike a few more years but sadly it still wasn't great reliability wise, with regular fuelling issues. I think that it was likely due to being gravity fed from the tank as it seemed to get worse the lower the fuel went (no I didn't just run out) but I never quite got to the bottom of it. I eventually sold the bike to a mate in the army whilst based here in Norfolk, at a fraction of what it'd cost me to have the work done, and regretted it ever since.

I currently only have pictures of the bike in the form I originally bought it, however I recently got back in touch with the lad I sold it to... The good news is, he thinks he has a photo of it with the mods, so as and when he sends it to me I'll post it on here. The bad news is, he 'lent' the bike to a mate a few years back, who apparently tried to use all the power in a corner, and inevitably wrapped it around a nearby tree.... I am told the bike still 'survives' but that the said 'mate' bought it from my mate to restore. Sadly it seems it's still in his shed.  :(

Anyway, some pics of my first 'custom' type motorsickle are below. After this bike was sold (in 2001) I had a somewhat enforced break from bikes until 2004, which is where I'll continue in 'My Bikes... Part 4'.

Ride safe  :)

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