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My Bikes... Part 4
« on: March 07, 2015, 03:13:35 PM »
Well it's been a while since my last thread so I thought it about time I made an effort to finish my 'biking history'. This one won't finish it actually but will move it along a little...

After the Honda CB750/GSXR750 in my last instalment, I had a somewhat enforced absence from bikes for a few years. Moving back to Germany with the army meant I had other things on my mind and finances weren't great at the time either.

Cut to early 2004, at which time my then partner decided she wanted to pass her bike test. Rather recklessly, she decided to buy a brand new CBR600F4, prior to even riding so much as a 125!! Needless to say, it didn't all go as planned and having got on a 125 with the training school, she decided to take things a bit slower which benefitted me in that I got the CBR to use, for a few months at least...

Now, a CBR6 was never top of my wish list but beggars can't be choosers so I considered myself lucky to be back on two wheels. It was actually a cracking bike. Most folk know the CBR600, in fact I'll guess many of you may have at least had a go on one, so I won't go daft in writing it up.
Suffice to say, it went, handled and stopped very well indeed. Comfort wasn't bad, it looked good in black and it all really just instilled a confidence in the bike that it would never let you down or 'bite' you. I'd certainly recommend them, although they're unlikely to stand out from the crowd or be a bike to really lust after.
Unfortunately circumstances changed meaning I no longer had access to the bike, but that meant I could get something I wanted, which in this case turned out to be a 1993 Kawasaki ZXR750L... In the meantime here is the only pic I have of the CBR600, alongside my step-dad on his '02 Fireblade...[/img]]

OK, so the ZXR750...

This had been a bike I'd wanted whilst I had the GSXR110L, to the point I almost did a part-ex on a new one in Germany. At that time I favoured the Black/Purple/Pink paint scheme, however by the time I bought my ZXR I'd come to my senses and went for a nice example in Green/Blue/White. Unfortunately I'm sad to say I don't have any pictures of that bike at all, so a 'stock' photo will have to do.

As for the bike, the first ride was pretty shocking after the CBR6! It felt like a bloody barge, long and heavy and it felt like it wasn't going to turn. Imagine my delight when it turned out to be one of the best handling bikes I've ever had...
The front end was superb; solid and utterly predictable, it just felt like it'd grip forever. The rear was as good and all in all the bike had clearly been set up well by someone who knew what they were doing in that department. Speed wise it was quick enough, as you'd expect of a ZXR. It wouldn't raise any eyebrows by today's standards but easily enough to put you before a Magistrate, should you get caught using it as Mr K designed it to be!
This model ZXR was one of those with the RAM AIR induction, with a single intake on the nose cone. Aside from making the engine more efficient at making power, it also gave a cracking induction roar if you opened it up from low-ish revs. With a Micron can fitted it echoed very nicely down St. Giles in Norwich!
Comfort wasn't actually that bad once used to it. The bike was certainly roomy enough, although the position did put quite a bit of weight on the wrists at low speed around town. I did quite a bit of riding on the ZXR, from trips up North to quick blasts to the coast and LOTS of playing around on local roundabouts wearing out my knee sliders. It really was loads of fun and I'd definitely have another. They currently seem to be staying fairly low priced but I can't see that lasting; the ZXR really is potential to be a classic sports bike.
Stock photos:[/img]][/img]]

I kept the ZXR until the back end of 2005 (I think) when I was again seduced by Suzuki, this time in the form of a lovely GSXR1000K1 in full Rizla race colours. I'll cover that in the next instalment soon!
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